Whale Sharks & Water Tours

Swim with gentle giants, snorkel on the amazing reefs, enjoy great food, and most importantly, get out of the heat with our water tours!

3 Hr


8 Hr


8 Hr


Beach & Island Tours

Looking for a relaxing day on the beach?  Charter a boat for the day to dive, snorkel the pristine reefs and dine on amazing food!

Mousha Island

8 Hr


Rayssali Snorkeling or Night Fishing

2 Days


Our Inland Tours

Learn about Djibouti and local culture with our walking tour (great for your first day in the city), or head out through the desert to some of Djibouti's most popular tourist sites such as Lac Asal and Lac Abbe.  Don't see anything that will fit your itinerary?  Book a custom tour below! 

Djibouti City Walking Tour

2 Hr


2 Days


Lac Abbe, Assal, and Foret du Day

3 Days


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