What is there to do in Djibouti?

There are so many fun and unique things to see and do in Djibouti.  We've put together an exclusive city guide with our favorite restaurants, hotels, and things to do and see while you're here.  Book a trip to receive the full thing, or view our FREE restaurant recommendations here.  

What footwear should I bring?

We highly recommend hard-soled shoes that can get wet on all our trips.  Forgot yours?  It's not a problem, we have several pairs of Crocs in various sizes, so we've got you (and your feet) covered.   

What if I don't see a whale shark?

Because the whale sharks are wild animals (or sharks/fish in this case), we can’t guarantee that we will find them on every trip.  Most trips we encounter them, but there is always a possibility they won’t be seen. 

I'm only staying a short time, what's the best trip to do? 

Day Trips are the most popular options.  If you are traveling between November and March, we highly recommend our Whale Shark Adventure.  If you are here any other time of the year, check out our Arta Snorkel & Kayak to experience Djibouti's beautiful living reefs.  

What if I can't swim?

While we do ask that people be able to swim and snorkel to go into the water with the whale sharks, it is possible for those who don't swim to see the whale sharks from the boat and enjoy the pristine beaches. 

Do you do custom trips?

Yes! Please email us with your preferences and we will customize a trip for you!

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