Lac Abbe & Lac Asal

The scenery at Lac Abbe has been described as "otherworldly".  Located on the border of Djibouti and Ethiopia, it is unique because of the presence of fumeroles, or volcanic vents, hot springs, and the wintering home of flamingos from South Africa.  The sunsets and sunrises are beyond description. Ride in an air-conditioned off-road vehicle through the heart of the Afar country and spend a night in a traditional Afar hut.  This is a trip you will never forget. 

We often include a stop on the way back at Lac Assal, the world’s largest salt reserve and the lowest place in Africa.

Activity Level: Moderate to Active-Guests should expect a long car drive in a off-road vehicle.  Those with bad backs and/or knees may not find the ride comfortable.  Hiking out across the mud flats to see the fumeroles is optional. 

Duration: 2 days

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