10 Things to Know About Whale Sharks

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Before you jump in to swim with them!

  1. Whale shark season in Djibouti typically runs from November to February.

  2. Whale sharks are technically fish, and are the largest in the sea. At 18-32 feet long (5.5-10m), they are about the size of school bus, but are very gentle giants!

  3. Like the Somali and Afar people, whale sharks are nomads, and wander the seas. Because of this we can't guarantee people will see them on every Whale Shark Adventure tour, but the beautiful reefs are like no other in the world and we promise they won't disappoint!

  4. Practice social distancing-It's not just for humans! We want to make sure that this globally endangered species sticks around for years to come, so keep your hands on your camera, and stay a good distance away.

  5. They are filter feeders-so if they come at you with their mouth wide open, they are eating! (but won't eat you)

  6. Whale sharks in Djibouti are the youngest known of any site in the world, with some being as small as 6.5 feet (2m).

  7. The only things whale sharks have in common with whales is their size and the way they feed.

  8. The spots on whale sharks' backs can be used to identify them like a fingerprint.

  9. Whale sharks may live for over 100 years.

  10. International Whale Shark Day is celebrated on August 30th to help raise awareness for the protection of this unique species.

We hope you enjoy your time in Djibouti and hope to see you soon on one of our Whale Shark Adventure tours for the experience of a lifetime!

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