Best Day Tours from Djibouti City

Only in Djibouti for a few days and looking to see some sights? Here are some of our favorite day tours from in and around Djibouti, organized by activity.


Turtle Island: This is a tour that we offer when the tides are high about 10-12 days/month. Perfect for those who don't want to swim, this 3 hour tour offers opportunity to see sea turtles and blue spotted sting rays around a tiny island the locals call "Turtle Island". We leave Djibouti city early in the morning to catch the high tide, which makes the paddling (sea kayaks) part of this trip enjoyable for all involved! For more information, click here.


Arta Plage-The snorkeling here is amazing, and in many opinions second only to the Great Barrier Reef. The blending of the Red Sea and Indian Ocean ecosystems allow guests to discover a wide variety of colorful fish, and the living coral display vivid colors you won't soon forget. Looking for a guided tour? Join either our Whale Shark Adventure (November-February) or our Arta Beach Kayak & Snorkel (September, October, March, April, and May)


Moucha Island-Moucha Island is home to mangrove forests and white sandy beaches. You can either spend the night in an air-conditioned hut (meals provided) or make it a day trip and bring your own food.

Walking Tour:

Djibouti City Walking Tour-This 2 hour tour is an excellent way to start your time in Djibouti. See the sights and learn more about Djiboutian culture at the same time!

Pool: The Kempinski, Sheraton, and Pizzaiolo all have wonderful swimming pools. Fees are around $12 at Pizzaiolo, and about $20 dollars for a day pass at Kempinski (if you aren't staying at the hotel). Sheraton is comparable to the Kempinski but I'm not sure of the exact fees. They all have wonderful restaurants to enjoy a nice meal after your swim.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Djibouti. If you found this guide helpful please consider pinning it on pinterest so that others looking to plan their trips can see it!

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