Eat like a local in Djibouti!

A foodies guide for Djibouti City, Djibouti

You've just finished a long day of snorkeling on Djibouti's reefs, and you're all set to spend the evening in Djibouti city. After a long day in the sun, you most likely will want to find a meal that is quick and convenient. Here is a list of our favorite places to eat, along with a link to our full list of restaurant recommendations.

Restaurant Reccomendations
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Here are a few quick tips we follow when eating and drinking in Djibouti to keep our stomachs healthy:

-Water from the tap is not potable. Do not drink it or brush your teeth with it. Bottled water is for sale at almost all roadside shops.

-Eat street food at your own risk. While most food on the street is safe to eat, some may upset sensitive stomachs. We especially stay away from anything with lettuce and fresh smoothies and juices (because we don't know if the fruit, yogurt, and water used to make them is safe and hasn't been baking in the sun all day), while others we know love to drink them. We regularly get rotisserie chickens from street vendors, and have never found them to make us sick. We also trust anything from the bakeries.

-If you are looking for free wifi while you eat, there are a few places besides the hotels that will have it. The two we suggest are Pause cafe and Brico cafe. Brico is across from Dawadi Mall (but you will want to go right there in a taxi as you won't want to cross the road on foot, it's very busy). Pause Cafe is locate at the Maulk (rhymes with Coke) Center.

-Djiboutian Somali food specialties include Laaxoh (pronounced la-hoe), which is a crepe-like pancake usually served with Somali sweet tea, or (if you're feeling brave) Beer Ri (pronounced bear ree) which is goat liver. It is usually served with bread and traditionally served for breakfast.

Click below for our full list of restaurant recommendations.

Restaurant Reccomendations
Download PDF • 258KB

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