Hotels in Djibouti

Where to stay in Djibouti City

First, a short disclaimer:

We don't have any affiliate interest in which hotel you choose, so these are just our unbiased recommendations (that means we aren't paid to recommend these specific ones to you).

Also, a few things to keep in mind when booking a hotel in Djibouti:

-Very few hotels have hot water heaters. Because of the heat in Djibouti, the water is hot when it comes out of the ground most of the year, the exception possibly being the very nice hotels like the Kempinski and the Sheraton. Most days a shower is refreshing (and just the perfect temperature).

-Beds and bedding are very basic, and bathrooms are wet places, meaning there won't always be a shower curtain on your shower. The whole bathroom is tiled so that it can get wet, and then there is typically a place for the water to be mopped to a drain in the floor (again, the exception may be the nicer hotels)

*See our Djibouti City Guide included FREE on all our trips for more info and helpful tips about hotels, places to see, and things to do!

Kempinski-The most expensive (and when I say expensive don't think third world country expensive, it is just plain expensive) and nicest hotel in Djibouti. They have wonderful Christmas decorations in December, good food, and a couple pools right on the ocean.

Sheraton-Slightly less pricey than the Kempinski, however, the hotel is currently having some renovations done and some things may be closed or unavailable. There is also a heavy military presence there typically and there can be lots of smoking in the lobby.

Atlantic-Very nice mid-range hotel in the heart of the downtown area. I believe they take credit cards which is helpful if you don't have cash (but seriously, get some ASAP). They have a lovely breakfast bar with an omelet station (made to order) and a free shuttle to and from the airport.

Auberge Boulaos-This hotel is in the middle of a more industrial part of the city, but it is very close to some large supermarkets and they offer a free shuttle pretty much anywhere in the city you would like to go. They have a decent breakfast and many of our guests comment on the cleanliness being great here. They provide good value for the money.

While there are a few other places to stay around Djibouti, I won't comment on them because I don't really know enough to give a helpful review! The above four are our go-to options and what we typically recommend to our guests. Enjoy your stay, and if you're looking for something to do, check out our trips here!

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